Dublin City Schools will likely need a 13th elementary school within the next five years.

Dublin City Schools will likely need a 13th elementary school within the next five years.

The Dublin Board of Education got a look at building needs last week as Director of Business Affairs Annette Morud outlined a new five-year facilities plan.

A committee of teachers, administration and community members looked at enrollment, technology, academic needs and 21st century education while completing the plan.

The district's elementary schools are slightly over capacity by 150 with an enrollment of 6,817, Morud said. In 2018 enrollment is projected to increase to 7,070 and 7,103 by 2023.

Not all elementary school buildings are overcapacity, Morud said, and overcrowding is mostly seen in the central area and east side of the district at Chapman, Scottish Corners, Indian Run, Riverside and Thomas Elementary schools.

The district owns 18 acres on Bright Road and has an option to build a 13th elementary school in Jerome Village on the northwestern edge of the district.

Funds to build an elementary school in Jerome Village were approved by voters in a 2008 bond issue, but the district put off construction when growth in the area was stunted by the recession.

Homes have recently been popping up around Jerome Village and Tartan West, Morud said.

"We recommend we build elementary 13 in Jerome Village in the next five years," she said. "The estimated opening is 2017 or 2018."

The facilities plan also recommends the district hold onto the Bright Road land for a possible elementary school because of overcrowding in that area.

Dublin's middle schools have a capacity of 3,600 and current enrollment is 3,420. By 2018, middle school enrollment is expected to climb to 3,745 and to 3,782 in 2023.

Enrollment at Karrer and Grizzell middle schools can be increased, Morud said, and no expansions are planned at Dublin middle schools in the next five years.

At the high schools the current enrollment is 4,514, a little more than the 4,475 capacity. Enrollment is expected to reach 4,900 by 2018 and 5,204 in 2023.

"Jerome expects the most growth, but we have room to add eight classrooms in two additions," Morud said.

The facilities plan recommended adding 16 classrooms to Jerome High School in the next five years.

With Coffman High School built in 1972 and Scioto in 1995, maintenance is very important, Morud said, and will be a concentration as well.

"The other thing we really need to do is stop and look at the facilities," she said. "They aren't new anymore."

The turf fields at the three high schools were also examined in the five-year plan and Morud told board members they might need to be replaced soon.

"They are safe, but a lot of wear and tear is done on the fields," she said.

The facilities plan recommended replacing two fields soon, possibly as soon as this winter. Fields will be replaced one at a time, Morud said.