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Police opt for Dodge cruisers and Ford SUVs


The Crown Victorias the Dublin Division of Police use as patrol vehicles will slowly be fading from the road.

Ford is no longer manufacturing the vehicle used by numerous police agencies across the country and Dublin has chosen the Dodge Charger Pursuit as its new patrol cruiser and the Ford Interceptor Utility SUV as its SUV patrol vehicle.

When Ford announced it would stop making the Crown Victoria model in 2011, the police started researching new options offered by Ford, General Motors and Chrysler.

"They all make police packages and we tested all of them," Dublin Police Chief Heinz von Eckartsberg said.

The police looked at handling, fuel economy, maintenance, accessibility to components, ergonomics, cost and comfort before making a decision.

Officers who will drive the vehicles took them to courses in London for tests, von Eckartsberg said.

"They worked them to death," he said.

The new SUVs that will be used by the department handles like a car, von Eckartsberg, and is cost effective.

"They're cheaper than what we're using (now)," he said.

The price of the Dodge Charger is within a few hundred dollars of the price of a Crown Victoria, von Eckartsberg said.

The Dublin Division of Police recently purchased three Dodge Chargers and two Ford SUVs to replace other patrol vehicles that were scheduled to be taken out of commission.

The other Crown Victorias used for patrol will be replaced according to an already established maintenance plan.

"The vehicles are managed and taken care of by the fleet department," von Eckartsberg said. "They take very good care of them."

The new vehicles will also feature a new Dublin Police graphic and are silver and dark green.