Several infrastructure projects throughout Dublin will have roads closed over the next few months.

Several infrastructure projects throughout Dublin will have roads closed over the next few months.

Paving, bike path extensions, a new roundabout and other maintenance is planned during the summer and updates about projects and detours can be found online at dublin

The current and upcoming projects include:

* From June 3 to 25, Shier Rings Road will be closed west of the Dublin's Fleet Maintenance drive to Eiterman Road.

Eiterman Road will also be closed from Shier Rings Road to the Nestle facility as an extension and paving is done.

* Concrete work and paving will be done in Fallen Timbers through July as street maintenance is planned for Arapahoe Court, Erie Street, Blackhawk Court and Ottawa Place.

* From June 20 to July 26, paving and concrete work is slated for Sells Mill Drive, Schoolcraft Drive, Sachem Court and Muncie Court.

* Paving and concrete work on Avery-Muirfield Drive from Shier Rings Road to Post Road started June 3 and is expected to be finished by July 21, weather permitting.

Most paving will be done at night, but concrete repairs, traffic control and striping will be done during the day and may cause lane closures.

* The parking lot at Darree Fields will be resurfaced June 3-21 and cars will not be able to enter the northeast area of the park.

The work will also cause some closures at the first intersection within the park during the day, but will be open in the evening.

* Legs of the intersection of Hyland Croy and Brand roads closed June 7 as the city started construction of a roundabout there.

Hyland Croy Road to the south and Mitchell DeWitt Road to the west are expected to be closed first. The roundabout should be completed in late August.

* Dublin Road closed June 10 for the extension of the Dublin Road South bike path and is expected to be closed until late August.

The city will construct a 1,230-foot, 8-foot-wide bike path, concrete ramps, stone walls and a pre-fabricated pedestrian bridge.

Questions about the projects can be directed to Darren Lee at 614-410-4625, or via email to