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Council goals include business climate, Bridge Street, arts facility

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Improving the business climate, encouraging mixed-used development in the Bridge Street District and looking into an arts facility are on Dublin City Council's to-do list.

Council members last week approved a list of six 2013-2014 goals.

The first goal focuses on business in Dublin, pledging the engage business leaders and educational institutions to provide training and an optimal environment for both workers and businesses within the city.

In council's second goal, the city needs to "identify, nurture and build upon the qualities of Dublin that attract, retain, create a sense of pride and bond residents and businesses to the community."

The city will work to develop a 21st century learning environment within Dublin by collaborating with schools and the library and encouraging lifelong learning in goal three.

Implementing the Bridge Street District falls under goal four and goal five focuses on developing a name for Dublin nationally and internationally.

The final goal calls upon the city to "create a gathering place where the Dublin community can celebrate creativity in both personal and shared experiences of the arts," which means a complex for education, performing arts and space for visual arts.

Councilwoman Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher said the city needs to include many stakeholders as they work on the sixth goal.

"We need to be very holistic in dialogue," she said.

City Manager Marsha Grigsby said city staff has been looking at how other cultural arts centers have been done in other cities.

"It's something that's going to include all of the different organizations as well as the community in general," she said.

Council members also approved a Tax Increment Financing District for land off Tuller Road.

A skilled nursing and assisted living center will be built off Tuller Road and other roads will have to be constructed in the area.

The TIF agreement with Vrable Land Holding Dublin LLC will collect property taxes on improvements on the land and use the money to help fund the construction on John Shields Parkway, which will run east to west from Tuller Ridge Drive to Riverside Drive.

The two-phase project is expected to cost $2 million.

The developer will cover the design and construction costs for Mooney Street, which will run north and south from Tuller Road to the new John Shields Parkway.

Council also last week approved the purchase of about 0.9 acres from Invictus Land Holding Company for $221,809.

The land will provide some greenway along the proposed John Shields Parkway, a staff report to council said.