Some Dublin high school students are using their summer to get several basics out of the way.

Some Dublin high school students are using their summer to get several basics out of the way.

The district this summer is offering several required courses online so high school students can get them out of the way and take more advanced classes during the school year.

Some basics were offered online last summer for the first time, and this year Government, Environmental Science, Geometry, Algebra I & II, Biology, Physical Science, U.S. History, Economics, Sociology, English IV, Spanish I, Chinese II, Health and ACT/SAT Prep are offered.

"Dublin teachers are developing new courses," Scioto High School Assistant Principal Dan Morris said. "We're keeping the rigor and expanding courses."

More than 200 high school students are taking advantage of the online classes this summer, Morris said.

"The classes most people took were created from classes kids have to take anyway because they want to free up their schedule down the road," he said.

"A lot of kids are taking health, Algebra I and II to get it out of the way."

The format of each class varies, but teachers use different tools to teach online.

"Some have put podcasts in there," Morris said. "Some have uploaded videos and guest speakers.

"In health they have multitudes of things from reading, slideshows and video that allows kids to get it from different platforms.

"It varies from teacher to teacher," Morris said.

"There is no lab for science, but they are responsible for lab-type work like graphs, charts, researching and data."

Students are expected to complete the classes at their own pace, but are encouraged not to procrastinate.

"That was part of orientation," Morris said.

"They could meet with a teacher and get ideas. They were told it's probably not a good idea to blow it off until the last week," Morris said.

"They will have semester exams and other grades that need to be turned in. You need to pace yourself by doing so many lessons a day.

"It was a nice opportunity to hear from teachers in regards to pacing themselves."

Students aren't completely on their own, though, especially if they have questions or problems.

"Some teachers have office hours and say 'I'll be at Scioto every Tuesday or Wednesday from 10 to noon if you have questions or concerns.' Some teachers meet students at Panera," Morris said.

"The ACT/SAT (prep) teacher was out of town and they ran his orientation through BlueJeans (a Skype-like application). Some teachers set up Skype sessions. It varies from teacher to teacher."