Karrer Middle School's new principal is no stranger to the district or administration.

Karrer Middle School's new principal is no stranger to the district or administration.

Mark Mousa was named to the leadership position to replace Rick Weininger who retired.

Mousa has spent 14 years in the district and the past four as assistant principal at Jerome High School and Davis Middle School.

"I came to the district as a middle school teacher," Mousa said.

"I was at Sells (Middle School) for 10 years teaching seventh- and eighth-grade language arts," he said. "I really grew to enjoy the middle school level at that time."

Administration wasn't something Mousa aspired to when he began teaching, but opportunities came to him.

"Honestly, it's been people," he said.

"From an early age here in Dublin, administration took an interest in me.

"They said, 'We see you as a teacher leader. Would you like to be a team leader?' " he said, adding mentoring other teachers taught him a lot.

"I figured out I really enjoy the whole process of education, not just working with children, but working with teachers," Mousa said.

The first opportunity to be part of administration came at Jerome High School, where Mousa was assistant principal for two years.

"It gave me great perspective," he said.

"Having taught eighth grade for so many years, it was nice to see the transition we were always talking about," he said.

"We were always talking about high school and how to prepare. It was nice to see at a high school level what went on as students matured."

Mousa then went on to be assistant principal at Davis Middle School for two years before going to Karrer Middle School to work with Weininger in April.

"Rick Weininger from day one, even when I was a teacher, has been one of those people who has valued me and really looks at young educators and helps them along," Mousa said.

"To follow in his footsteps, I look at it as a privilege."

Working at Karrer will also be a privilege for Mousa, who has worked with several teachers and administrators there already.

"The biggest thing is I'm thankful for the opportunity to stay in Dublin, but also be at Karrer," Mousa said.

"This community and parents and students really value education and it's something that is a passion of mine," he said.

"When parents, teachers, administration and students can all come together for a common purpose, that is something that stuck out to me from day one."

Mousa is already familiar with middle school programs, but knows Karrer Middle School has a personality all its own.

"Karrer has wonderful students, staff and parents," he said. "They've been wonderful at welcoming me."

There are a few plans Mousa wants to institute.

"The big niche I hope to push is technology and innovation.

"I want to help the teachers find better ways to innovate and think outside the box and prepare students," he said. "I want to take it to another level."