Dublin Villager

NextGen Dublin chooses leadership council

The newest leadership council for NextGen Dublin has been named. The leadership for 2013-14 for the Dublin Chamber of Commerce's young professionals group will spearhead leadership development, social, volunteer and educational activities.

Amy Bethel, Brittany Frye and Andrew Bonnington make up the Civic Committee that organizes and promotes volunteer and philanthropic activities.

The Leadership Development and Education Committee that plans networking, classes and seminars will include Aaron Stastyshyn, Jessica Binion, Brittany Lafuse, Jen John and Amy Wendling.

Walt Williamson, Brooke Georgiton and Kevin Zimmerman will lead the Member Retention and Evening Planning Committee.

The New Member Recruitment Committee includes Kim Yark and Zach Hardison.

Sharon Hodges heads the Sponsorship Committee which works to find support for the organization.

Additional information about NextGen Dublin, can be found online at dublinchamber.org.