A 23-year-old is hoping to give Dublin City Council some new ideas.

A 23-year-old is hoping to give Dublin City Council some new ideas.

Alex Schaffer recently announced his intentions to run for the Dublin City Council Ward 1 seat, currently occupied by Cathy Boring who will not seek re-election at the end of her current term.

Schaffer, a small business owner and recent graduate of Ohio State University said he likes what he sees in Dublin, but wants council to have a different, younger view.

"The City Council currently in place has done a great job to get Dublin to this place, but at the same time I feel the need for a more youthful and different approach to things with these projects coming up," Schaffer said, referring to the upcoming Interstate 270/U.S. Route 33 interchange project, Bridge Street District effort and the Presidents Cup international golf event.

The run for council will be Schaffer's first foray into local government, but he does boast a lifetime in Dublin.

"I am economist by trade," Schaffer said.

"I founded my own company in Dublin," he said. "I have a lot of background knowledge in terms of economic development and growth on an economic base level.

"In my opinion the city does not lack correct economic development tools, but needs to make sure its following economic principals... ," he said.

Economic development should improve social welfare in the community and make things better for residents Schaffer said.

"At the end of the day if officials aren't acting in the best interest of the residents ... then they're not doing their jobs," he said.

Schaffer also knows about starting a business in Dublin. Shortly after graduating from OSU, he started the ticket agency Al's Ticket Empire.

"In Dublin with the support you have from the community and the city, it helps businesses get off the ground and flourish," he said. "That's why you see businesses come to Dublin."

If elected, Schaffer said he has two areas he'd concentrate on.

"The two main areas I'd like to focus on are economic development and community programs and services, specifically geared towards youth in aquatics," he said.

"With economic development I would cut out a lot of the red tape that is not prohibitive to certain businesses and individuals, but isn't in the best interest of some people."

Being involved in aquatics in Dublin when he was younger gave Schaffer views on how to make improvements.

"I'd really like to place a strong emphasis on aquatics," he said.

"There's definitely room for growth in the city and parks and recreation that could be better utilized."

Greg Peterson, who served one term on Dublin City Council in 1997, is also running for the Ward 1 seat.