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Student population growth prompts hiring of two teachers

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Two new positions were added to the elementary school level last week after Dublin City Schools experienced greater growth than expected.

The Dublin School Board of Education Aug. 13 approved the addition of one full-time position at the first grade level and one part-time teaching position for kindergarten.

Deputy Superintendent Michael Trego said the first grade at Glacier Ridge Elementary is full and the district does not have many other schools to send additional first grade students to attend.

"We would have to cap Glacier Ridge and send them to other schools that are already close to being capped," Trego said.

Adding a new first grade teacher at Glacier Ridge would allow the district to accept more first graders at the school and keep class sizes reasonable.

The part-time kindergarten teacher was added to Olde Sawmill Elementary school, where projections were outpaced by 10 students as of last week, Trego said.

"We've enrolled 12 more students since June," he said, noting that projections anticipated 60 kindergarteners at the school, but as of Aug. 13 there were 70.

The new part-time kindergarten teacher will take the school from four kindergarten sections to five and keep class sizes at 16 to 17 students per teacher, Trego said.

Elsewhere in the district some grade levels have already been capped, Trego said.

At both Deer Run Elementary and Indian Run Elementary schools, the fifth grade reached its capacity and was capped.

Additional Deer Run fifth-graders will go to Glacier Ridge and more Indian Run fifth-graders will be directed to Bailey Elementary.

The board last week also discussed an online bullying policy.

The proposed policy states students cannot use a device to "create in the mind of another person an impression of being threatened, humiliated, harassed, embarrassed or intimidated."

Students are also prohibited from using electronic devices to transmit obscene, threatening and sexual messages or material.

If the new policy is approved, devices can be taken away from students who violate the policy and the student can be disciplined. Confiscated personal communication devices will be stored in a secure location and given back to the student or a parent after any discipline is accepted.

The board will vote on the policy after a third reading.