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Ward 4 council candidate

Former city employee now wants to serve on council


Kevin Cooper used to work for the city, but now he wants to serve it as a councilman.

Cooper left his position as web developer for the city in January after deciding he wanted to run for the Ward 4 seat on Dublin City Council.

Cooper is seeking the Ward 4 seat along with incumbent Tim Lecklider and JD Kaplan.

"I knew I wanted to run for Ward 4, so I knew it was a good time," Cooper said.

"It was hard to leave as an employee, but I think I can do more. Being an employee gives you perspective as a council member."

The nine-year Dublin resident is now marketing manager of digital communications at Scotts and wants to use his time as an employee and his time on the Community Service Advisory Commission to provide insight to city council.

If elected, Cooper said his focus will be on the three S's: schools, safety and services.

Although council has no impact on the school district, Cooper said sharing services can help the school district out.

"I want to continue to create an environment where kids will grow up and be proud of their city," he said.

As for safety, Cooper was part of the first Dublin Police Academy and is a community service officer.

He wants to see the new community service officer program utilized so police can be free to attend to more important matters.

"As residents, we can help them," Cooper said.

"I want to work with Chief Heinz von Eckartsberg to see what other communities are doing. I want to see the police respond to higher priority calls."

While police are part of the services Cooper wants to focus on if elected, he also wants to see dense parts of the city made safer with better infrastructure.

Making council a resource for residents is also a goal for Cooper and he wants to see elected officials help notify residents about different services the city provides.

"Making them aware of that is one of council's jobs," he said.

Cooper lives in Dublin with his wife, Beki, and two young children, Reese and James. As a young family, Cooper thinks he can provide a new flavor to city council.

"We're a young family," he said. "We've been here almost 10 years, but I can bring a fresh perspective."

As an employee, Cooper saw plans for the Bridge Street district redevelopment form. He supports the vision, but wants to see plans to protect the city.

"I'm optimistic about it," he said.

"Coming from the digital world, we have fail safes," he said. "I want to see fail safes if we see (the Bridge Street district) going in the wrong direction."

Whereas Cooper does have experience as a staff member and from CSAC, he does know he'll have a few things to learn if elected.

"If elected I hope to use the experience of at-large members and lean on then for that learning as well," he said.

For more information on Cooper, look online at kevincooperforcouncil.com.

Cooper is seeking the Ward 4 seat along with incumbent Tim Lecklider and JD Kaplan.