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Top rails, section gaps planned for Muirfield fence

The measures come after deer have been injured jumping over it


A few concessions are being made to keep deer from getting injured on a temporary fence installed at Muirfield Village Golf Club.

Two deer were destroyed by Dublin police officers last month after they were severely injured jumping over the new five-foot, wrought iron fence installed at Muirfield Village Golf Club for the upcoming Presidents Cup golf event.

According to information provided by the city, cross bars will be installed over the top of the fence and a section of fence at each hole of the golf course will be removed to allow for free movement of deer.

The sections of the fence will be reinstalled the week before the Presidents Cup begins in October.

The six-mile fence follows the same path as the former temporary fence installed for the Memorial Tournament, but resident Mike Bickley said it's much taller.

"It's 5-foot, 5-inches and 5-7 in some places," Bickley told Dublin City Council members during an Aug. 26 meeting.

Bickley operates a Facebook page, "Keep Muirfield Beautiful" and lamented the loss of the old temporary fence and asked council to require Muirfield to cut the fence down to 4 or 41/2 feet in height.

"The Presidents Cup is a one-time event," Bickley said. "We don't need this."

According to the event permit obtained by Muirfield for the Presidents Cup, the fence will be taken down starting Oct. 7, with completion expected by Nov. 10.

The fence will come back again, however, in mid-March for the Memorial Tournament, information from the city said.

Removal of the fence will begin the week after the tournament ends.

Councilman John Reiner said the city will make sure the fence is taken down as scheduled.