A Stroll through Dublin's Past will debut Sept. 19, but not much walking will be involved.

A Stroll through Dublin's Past will debut Sept. 19, but not much walking will be involved.

A new video from the Dublin Historical Society will premiere at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 19 in the Dublin Community Recreation Center, covering information often given to Dublin third-graders during a walking tour of the historic district.

"We were concerned that we were going to lose some of the stories and history of the historic district as told by life-long residents of Dublin and it has been getting more and more difficult for them to do walking tours as they're all approaching their 80s," said Gayle Holton, historical society secretary.

"This was just another means," Holton said.

"The film could be available for schools and the Dublin Convention and Visitors Bureau and the city as well as having it documented just for the general public."

In the third grade, most Dublin City School students are given a taste of local history with a walking tour of Historic Dublin or a visit to the Coffman Homestead.

Dublin Historical Society Vice President Tom Holton said that was getting more difficult with weather, schedules and the safety of students.

"Even before age was a factor, we talked about something like this," he said.

A grant from the Dublin Foundation got things under way.

"We wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of the Dublin Foundation," Gayle said.

The Dublin Historical Society worked with DublinTV producers Shared Visions Communications on the film, providing them with interviews with society members, old pictures and other items from the archives.

"We mention the Karrer Barn, the history of Karrer (and) the building which is now Donatos Pizza," Mr. Holton said.

"It's known by several names," he said, adding the oldest stone homes in Dublin are in the lineup.

"We talk about the Dr. Pinney house on Riverview Street which is known for being part of the Underground Railroad."

Dublin Historical Society members Herb Jones, Dick Termeer and Jim Richards tell stories and Chi Weber narrates the video.

"It's like a gift to the town from the historical society and members," Mr. Holton said.

"We can present the gift of history that we don't want to lose. It is a gift to those who will come along later on."

The Sept. 19 premiere of A Stroll through Dublin's Past will kick off at 7 p.m. with refreshments, the film at 7:30 p.m. and a panel discussion to follow.

"There will be a panel afterwards with members of the historical society providing color commentary," Tom said, adding questions from the audience will also be taken.

Each Dublin elementary school will be given the film, Gayle said, and the library, city and Convention and Visitors Bureau will also be given copies.