Christine Gawronski sees Dublin as a wonderful place and she hopes to keep it that way by serving on Dublin City Council.

Christine Gawronski sees Dublin as a wonderful place and she hopes to keep it that way by serving on Dublin City Council.

The 13-year Dublin resident is one of four candidates seeking the Ward 1 seat on Dublin City Council that will be vacated by Cathy Boring at the end of the year.

Gawronski will face Julie Hubler, Greg Peterson and Alex Schaffer in the Nov. 5 election.

The mother of two spent several years in banking and then worked as a corporate recruiter.

Most recently, however, Gawronski has spent her time raising her 11-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son, which she said gives her time to get involved in the community.

"For me serving on council is not a stepping stone to another office," Gawronski said.

"For me serving on council is about being a public servant and continuing my service to Dublin and the community."

Gawronski has been involved with the Brandon Home Owners Association, serving as president the past nine years.

She also served on the City Services Commission and most currently the Community Services Advisory Committee.

"I've volunteering for and been a member of the Dublin Women's Philanthropic Club," she said, adding that volunteering has also taken her to St. Brigid Catholic School, St. Brigid Parish, the Dublin Irish Festival and scout troops her children are involved in.

There are several things Gawronski said she admires about her city and she wants to see it maintained.

"There are all the advantages of a strong municipality, but people still know each other," she said. "I know my children are safe around here."

Access to health care, a wide choice of retail businesses and a financially strong city make Dublin great Gawronski said.

"What I really feel is we need to maintain the balance of small neighborhoods while committing to economic development," she said.

"One thing I'll say for myself as a candidate is being on council requires tough decisions ... as a nonpartisan candidate I will make decisions based on the best interest of residents and the community."

If elected, Gawronski sees her responsibilities to Ward 1 lie in development.

"For Ward 1 I'm really going to keep any eye on development going on on Sawmill Road and make sure residents there are not going to get overwhelmed with a lot," she said.

"When Emerald Parkway goes through I want economic development. I want things to move forward, but we want to make sure we can preserve those neighborhoods."

As for Bridge Street District redevelopment, Gawronski agrees with keeping up with the times, but wants to protect the rest of the city from high density.

"I want to further suburban character, but we don't want to stop progress," she said.

"We want to stay up to date."