In his time on Dublin City Council, John Reiner has seen a lot of change.

In his time on Dublin City Council, John Reiner has seen a lot of change.

The Oakland Nursery owner is seeking a fifth term to see more change through as the Ward 3 representative. He will face challenger Kevin Walter on the Nov. 5 ballot.

"The opportunities in Dublin to lead a great life are extraordinary," Reiner said.

"To be a part of all this has really made me proud and it's been my life's work," he said. "I've enjoyed every moment of it. I've been honored that my peers have elevated me to this job."

First appointed to Dublin City Council in 1997, Reiner won his first term in 1998. Over the years he's helped with legislation for more parks, burying utilities and bike trails.

"I think we took a corn field and developed a beautiful, green city that is considered the apex of suburbs in the region," Reiner said.

"Even though Dublin doesn't have a large downtown like Westerville or beautiful planned New England green space like Worthington or a wealthy guy to write checks like in New Albany, we ended up creating a city that is considered the best suburb in the region."

Dublin's financial state is also a point of pride for Reiner.

"We controlled ... the land use and balanced residential, which is a tax loss, with commercial, which is a tax increase, so we might create the best amenity packages for citizens and be able to educate children in Dublin at the highest standards," he said.

The connection of multi-purpose trails throughout Dublin, especially on Glick Road, and the new water tower on Dublin Road received Reiner's support and he's happy to see them finished soon.

"The other thing I'm thrilled about is next month the water tank will be concluded and water pressure will finally go up," Reiner said. "That was a personal project of mine that came up at a financial meeting and we moved it up."

By seeking another four-year term on Dublin City Council, Reiner hopes to continue his focus on community health through the expansion of trails and the Healthy Dublin program.

Plans for redevelopment within the Bridge Street District will also receive some focus from Reiner. Studies conducted for the redevelopment plan show young professionals want an urban, walkable environment, he said.

"We're not only creating housing appealing to youth and the young professionals we are recruiting, but we're also providing housing for aging senior citizens," Reiner said.

"It's been 30 years and these people are looking to downsize and get rid of one car and still have a high quality of life.

"We all complain about taxes on our homes, but in reality that doesn't cover the expenses of a city," Reiner said.

"What does is commercial. By growing young people in Dublin we provide good employees for businesses in Dublin."

Reiner lives in Muirfield with his wife, Sheila.