Dublin Villager

No penalty to be assessed if lost ‘golf ball’ is returned

One of 18 giant golf ball sculptures placed throughout Dublin for the Presidents Cup has been stolen.
The golf ball bearing logos for the Memorial Tournament and Nationwide Insurance that sat at the corner of Dublin Road and Memorial Drive was reported missing Monday, Oct. 7.
The sculpture was part of a temporary public art exhibit for the Presidents Cup and is valued at $2,500.
Because of the value of the public art piece, the theft is considered a felony.
Memorial Tournament officials, however, are offering a grace period for the return of the ball scuplture.
If the giant golf ball is returned undamaged by midnight Oct. 12, no charges will be filed.
Information regarding the missing public art can be reported by calling 614-889-1112; or online at dublinohiousa.gov/dublin-police/crime-reporting-and-prevention/.