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Ward 3 City Council race

Reiner, Walter say TIFs practical


Ward 3 candidates for Dublin City Council are in full support of Tax Increment Financing districts and other incentives to bring and retain jobs in the city.

Incumbent John Reiner will face challenger Kevin Walter in the Nov. 5 general election for the Ward 3 Dublin City Council seat.

Reiner has passed several incentives during his four terms on council.

"I believe TIFs and other performance incentives are incredibly important," he said.

"They are a great way to create infrastructure and successfully accomplish the goals that will complete the city.

"Using TIFs is far smarter than throwing taxpayer's money at businesses as incentives trying to lure them into your community, and then letting those businesses fight it out to see who will give away the most money," Reiner said.

Walter, who ran for an at-large council seat in 2011 agreed.

"I support the use of economic incentives and here's why: TIFs are an important development tool in the city's toolkit," he said.

"Utilizing TIFs allows the city to unlock the development potential of a project and bring it online, producing more benefit faster than if infrastructure funding were handled in other ways."

By using TIFs, Reiner said, Dublin has been ahead of the curve.

"Road construction is one practical way of using TIFs, as these roads are then used to open up land for future tax base and development," Reiner said.

"In Dublin, all TIFs are implemented after careful financial analysis and are generally based on what is projected in our Community Plan and what is supportable by the city," he said.

"Much of the decisionmaking is based on comprehensive community surveys that give the council ideas on how our citizens are thinking."

If elected, Walter said he'd like to see TIFs utilized in the Bridge Street District.

"Dublin has a strong history of utilizing TIFs as an effective financing mechanism," he said.

"As an example, the Bridge Street Corridor is currently not realizing its full development potential.

"It is an area of the city that could be vibrant and a real amenity for the community," Walter said.

"It is incumbent upon the city to look at areas like the Bridge Street Corridor and work in conjunction with development partners to unlock the district's full potential. TIFs and other incentives are key to that process."