Aesthetic plans for the Interstate 270/U.S. Route 33 interchange have a November deadline.

Aesthetic plans for the Interstate 270/U.S. Route 33 interchange have a November deadline.

As plans for improvements to the interchange that has seen little change since it was built in the 1970s rolls along, aesthetic components must be selected to move forward for intermediate design by Nov. 22.

Improvements to the interchange will bring significant change, including new ramps, signals and additional lanes of traffic.

Dublin is working to make the entrance into the community attractive with landscaping and concrete stamping.

Input was already collected on landscaping proposals from the community, said Sara Ott, senior project manager. Residents chose an option that "embraced unique geometry that will be created by the project," she said.

"The selected landscape design being pursued will result in a series of grids, each outlined by a horizontal hardscape, within each grid being various grasses that provide a contract of color and texture," a staff memo to council stated.

"Selective areas will contain trees, shrubs and seasonal color but given the magnitude of the land masses involved, these areas will be carefully chosen to provide maximum visual impact but minimizing operating costs."

Steven Weitzman, president and CEO of Creative Design Solutions, was chosen for the project and he met with residents earlier this month and took input from an online survey.

The focus group that met with Weitzman was queried about Dublin's history and identity to create art for concrete stamping.

"While some saw golf and 'Irish-ness' as points of identity to be reinforced, others were hesitant to embrace them as aesthetic themes," a report to council on the focus group said.

"Two concepts that were largely popular in both groups were nature and wildlife," the report said.

"Related to these were green space, community planning and bike trails.

"Family, community, volunteerism and overall quality of life were all fairly popular as points of pride in Dublin."

Weitzman will use community input to develop three design plans for aesthetics for the interchange and they are expect-ed to go before the public for input Nov. 13.

After that, a citizen committee soon to be chosen by council, review the input and make a recommendation to the Ohio Department of Transportation by Nov. 20.

ODOT officials will have the final say on the design.

A design of the improvements at the I-270/U.S. Route 33 interchange can be found online at