Dublin Villager

Summer schedule saves $235,000

By adjusting summer work hours, Dublin City Schools saved more than $235,000 over the past two years.

The district announced the savings after shifting the 12-month employee scheduled to four, 10-hour days in June and July, allowing the district to close buildings on Fridays.

"We are very pleased with the savings realized during the first two years of the alternate summer schedule," Annette Morud, district director of business affairs, said in a release from the district.

"The savings will vary from year to year based on weather conditions."

By closing buildings on Fridays, the district was able to save money on electricity and natural gas.

The plan was identified in Dublin City School's 15-year energy conservation plan.

"The summer schedule is a small portion of the business department's efforts to run our operation as efficiently as possible," Morud said.

"Transportation, food services and maintenance have all realized significant savings in recent years."