People can chow down on chili in Historic Dublin earlier than usual this year.

People can chow down on chili in Historic Dublin earlier than usual this year.

The annual Historic Dublin Business Association Chili Cook-off has been moved up to Saturday, Nov. 9, and separated from the area's holiday celebration.

"We previously did it with Holly Days. There was too much going on so we wanted to give it a standalone day and time," said Brenda Kocak, HDBA president and Modern Male owner.

"For Holly Days there are all types of activities coming in for that," Kocak said.

"The zoo will bring animals (and) firefighters will collect Toys for Tots. So we moved it to its own day."

From 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, seven Historic Dublin restaurants will offer up chili to judges and the public for two awards.

Brazenhead, Dublin Village Tavern, J Liu, La Chatelaine, Mezzo, Oscar's and Tucci's will all compete for the chili ladle trophy for the judges and public favorite awards.

Tastings at the competing restaurants and a voting ballot are $5 each.

Organizers are expecting to sling a lot of chili this weekend.

"We had over 300 (patrons) last year," Kocak said.

"We're hoping to increase it again this year. Of course, we were blessed with beautiful weather last year.

"That was another good reason to move the date up."

Along will filling stomachs, proceeds from the event will go to the MoMM Foundation, a nonprofit created by former Dublin Scioto High School Coach and Teacher Phil Callaghan.

"It's a great community event to support a local charity," Kocak said.

"You can come out with your family and friends and have a nice day."

Funds going to the MoMM Foundation will help local families during the upcoming holidays, said Julie Schultze, a foundation board member that has been with the group since it was established.

"We support families in Dublin through the Holiday Blessings part of the MoMM Foundation," she said.

"The support we get gives us the ability to adopt and support families in the holiday season," Schultz said.

Gifts go to children and food goes to the entire family through the Holiday Blessings program that was able to adopt 15 additional families last year, thanks to proceeds from the HDBA Chili Cook-off, Schultze said.

Programs such as Holiday Blessings help the MoMM Foundation follow a fundamental belief practiced by Callaghan's mother throughout her life.

"She said it was always important to give people the one thing they needed to get through the situation," Schultze said.

"It could be a bus ticket to get to a job interview. It could be a blanket. It could be just a meal," she said.

"By giving people the one thing they need to get through, we can help for more than one person."