On his second attempt, Sam Butcher snagged a "perfect" score on the ACT.

On his second attempt, Sam Butcher snagged a "perfect" score on the ACT.

The Ohio Connections Academy senior is one of the few students who achieved a 36 on the ACT.

According to information from the ACT company 1.8 million students took the test and 1,162 attained a perfect score.

On his first try Butcher got a 34, but he wanted another shot at perfection.

"I looked at the score and told myself I can do better than this," he said.

To prepare for the college entrance test, Butcher took practice tests and carefully examined questions he missed.

The attention he paid to practice tests is the same he utilizes daily for the Ohio Connections Academy, an online school he transferred to from Dublin Jerome High School for his junior year.

"I wasn't getting the attention I wanted and I think the results speak for themselves," Butcher said.

The online school gives Butcher the chance to work through an entire week of physics or math in one day instead of going from class to class as he would at a brick and mortar high school.

"When he gets into something it's hard for him to stop," said his mother, Jennifer Butcher. "It worked out really well for him."

AP classes are also available for Butcher, especially in his favorite subject: science.

"I had some really good science teachers: Mr. Havlice and Mr. Castiglione at Jerome and Mr. Baker and Mr. Hohman at Grizzell," he said.

"They really inspired his love of science," Jennifer Butcher said.

A flexible school schedule also gives Butcher a chance to volunteer at the Dublin Food Pantry every Friday morning and work as a server at the Dublin Retirement Village.

"I take care of the residents and get them food, drinks and dessert," he said.

"I have a flexible schedule so I'm able to pick up extra shifts."

In his spare time, Butcher attends meetings for the Ohio State University Anime Club.

"It's a great time to get with people of a similar wavelength," he said.

"I helped found the blog and podcast."

Butcher isn't much of an artist, but loves anime for its creativity and energy.

It also gives him a chance to practice his Japanese.

"I took Japanese 1 and 2 at Jerome and continued here at Ohio Connections Academy," Butcher said.

Through the Ohio Connections Academy, Butcher is also involved in the theater and gaming clubs that get him in touch with other academy students in 23 states.

As for future plans, Butcher is hoping his perfect ACT score will get him into a good liberal arts college, even though he plans to major in science.

"I want a good holistic education," he said.

"I'll go into science, but I want to get involved in history and English."