Dublin Villager

Waramaug buys Crown Plaza hotel

The Crowne Plaza Metro North hotel in Dublin has been purchased by a new company that has plans for major renovations.

Waramaug Hospitality purchased the 215-room hotel in Metro Center with plans for $6 million in renovations to start very soon.

"We'll renovate within the next 12 months and be finished by December 2014," said Jay Litt, asset manager for Waramaug Hospitality.

Litt said meetings with architects and designers are slated over the next few weeks.

Renovations will include the outside of the building, bathrooms and refurbish- ing of guest rooms, Litt said.

The 13,000 square feet of meeting space will be renovated in addition to a new exercise facility.

"It will be a complete renovation," Litt said.

"We'll kick it off as soon as possible."