Dublin Villager

River, Celtic knots, wildlife images top list of interchange aesthetics


Images from throughout Dublin were proposed to decorate concrete that will be poured over the next few years for improvements at the Interstate 270/U.S. Route 33 interchange.

Three themes were unveiled during a public meeting last week held to gather public opinion on aesthetics for the interchange improvements that will largely replace the current clover-leaf configuration.

Steven Weitzman, CEO and president of Creative Design Resolutions, presented the three themes culled from September public focus groups and online comments.

"The natural environment is really quite amazing, all the natural flora and fauna and the ability to kayak and bike," Weitzman said.

"The natural environment I thought was one of the main things I got from the residents."

The Irish culture and knots found in Celtic and other cultures also influenced designs, Weitzman said.

"I like the knot because many strings come together to make something strong," he said.

"What a concept for your community."

The first concept revolved around the Scioto River and would include etchings of the river on under and overpass walls.

Piers holding up bridges would have stone similar to that used on the Leatherlips sculpture and the wall of bridges would carry a knot design.

"It becomes a window of what is in Dublin, Ohio," Weitzman said.

The Scioto River scene could include kayakers, ducks, the Bridge Street bridge and other wildlife, Weitzman said.

"You're taking a trip down the river literally as you're driving down the street," he said.

The second theme would use flower and leaf etchings on the concrete walls of overpasses and retaining walls of underpasses and use limestone-like rock designs for piers that mimic the stone walls seen around Dublin.

The walls of bridges would carry a Native American-styled design of rocks that incorporates the form of golf clubs.

The third theme utilized a more abstract design of shamrocks on walls while placing floral and fauna patterns on piers.

A weaved design would cross bridge walls.

Weitzman also had concepts for knots throughout the designs and said themes could be combined.

"Anything is possible," he said. "Remember you all are driving the car."

Concrete etchings won't go on all walls, said Sara Ott, Dublin Senior Project Manager.

"We'll have to see what walls will have the most impact," she said.

Weitzman also asked residents to consider distraction the designs could bring to drivers.

A four-person committee was set to go through public input on the concepts and make a recommendation to council by Nov. 20.

The designs chosen will impact the budget, but Ott said the city is expecting to see a $900,000 price tag, which includes 100 acres of landscaping around the interchange.