Scottish Corners Elementary School is the home of the top elementary school physical education teacher in Ohio.

Scottish Corners Elementary School is the home of the top elementary school physical education teacher in Ohio.

Traci Grissom is set to receive an award next month for being named the 2013 Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year in the state by the Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Grissom has been nominated for the honor before and is hoping to find out who nominated her this year at the Dec. 5 awards ceremony held in Sandusky.

"I was very surprised," she said. "I've filled out the stuff before and haven't gotten it. I thought, 'Should I do this again?' And decided, yes. It's all for the kids."

It's the students that keep Grissom motivated even after 20 years of working in elementary physical education at Dublin City Schools.

"They bring the energy and the smiles and the hugs every day," she said.

"All I have to do is plan how to teach the skill so they can play."

And play is a big part of Grissom's job, teaching younger students movement, fitness and manipulations such as throwing, kicking and running.

The older students get into more small-group sports, she said.

The play does work into state assessments too.

Students at Scottish Corners take Fitnessgram, an assessment for the Presidential Youth Fitness Program that focuses on getting students in a healthy fitness zone, Grissom said.

Grissom's work travels beyond Scottish Corners.

She is district teacher leader for physical education and health and works with teachers across the district on what goes on in the classroom, or gym.

Through a jump rope team, Grissom's enthusiasm is taken to other districts as well.

She started jump rope team at Scottish Corners Elementary five years ago to kick off an American Heart Association fundraiser, Jump Rope for the Heart.

Through the team, students learn single rope, double Dutch and long rope skills among others.

"They also use pogo sticks," Grissom said.

The team has expanded its reach over the years.

"I applied for an American Heart Association (demonstration) team," Grissom said.

"We travel to other schools and do Jump Rope for the Heart kickoffs."

A career in physical education nearly alluded Grissom.

"I actually went to OSU to do exercise science and do corporate fitness," she said, "but I took one class on teaching volleyball.

"The instructor pulled me aside and said 'I think you'd be a wonderful teacher.' "

Grissom went into teaching and her instructor proved right.

"I tell my kids 'Mrs. Grissom has the best job in the world,' " she said.