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Police: No evidence of impairment, cell usage in Sept. 17 fatal crash

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Hilliard police said Nov. 25 they have completed their investigation of the Sept. 17 crash on Interstate 270 that killed 21-year-old Maria Elizabeth Tiberi.

Investigators said they could not determine a precise cause but they found no evidence Tiberi was actively texting or using her phone at the time of the crash, and she was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

They also found no mechanical or equipment issues with Tiberi's vehicle or the semi-trailer she struck, the report said.

Tiberi, a Dublin resident and the daughter of WBNS-10TV sports anchor Dom Tiberi, was killed when the vehicle she was driving struck the back of a semi-trailer stopped on I-270 south at approximately 10:43 p.m. Sept. 17. The crash occurred just north of the exit for Fishinger Boulevard and Cemetery Road, and no other vehicles were involved.

Traffic was stopped because of construction work on I-270 south of Fishinger Boulevard, police said.

Investigators believe "a momentary lapse of attention or an unknown distraction was the probable cause of the accident," according to the report released Nov. 25.

Records indicated that Tiberi's cellphone was on and functioning, but there was no evidence she was actively using it at the time of the crash, the report said.

Records indicated text messages were sent and received from the phone shortly before the time of the accident. An incoming call was directed to voicemail at about the time of the crash.

There were no signs on the roadway indicating that the brakes had been applied, according to the report.

Police retrieved an event data recorder from the vehicle and concluded the vehicle was traveling 53 mph at the time of the crash.