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Kuzda primed to take reins of Dublin Foundation

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The Dublin Foundation will start a new year with a new leader.

Stacey Kuzda has been named the new executive director for the Dublin Foundation as former leader Jenn Dring departs for another job.

"She is still very active in the foundation," Kuzda said of Dring.

"She has stepped up to a board position. She will still be active in planning the Emerald Celebration."

Kuzda, an 18-year Dublin resident, comes to the Dublin Foundation with experience in marketing, communications and business development.

She has also done projects with central Ohio nonprofit organizations.

This is the first time she has worked with the Dublin Foundation.

"I've not done work with the foundation, however, I've had 13 years of nonprofit experience," Kuzda said.

"I've worked with many nonprofits as a marketing consultant and done sponsorship and fundraising."

Experience with other nonprofits will come in handy as Kuzda leads the Dublin nonprofit that works as a "counsel and steward for donors to build enduring charitable endowments and is a resource to facilitate and fulfill charitable intent," the foundation's mission states.

In the past, the Dublin Foundation has given out grants twice a year to other local nonprofit groups that help others and improve life in Dublin.

The Dublin Food Pantry, Welcome Warehouse and KidSMILES pediatric dental clinic have been previous grant recipients.

Kuzda said she's looking forward to doing charitable work in a city that's given her so much.

"Being in Dublin for so many years, I've always wanted to keep my efforts close to home," she said.

"When I found out about this opportunity, it was a perfect fit for me since I have done so much work with different nonprofits.

"I've got kids in the school system," Kuzda said.

"The city's been really good to me and my family," Kuzda said.

"It's a great way for me to still work, but also a lot of my efforts will go above and beyond.

"It allows me to give back to the community."

The part-time leadership position will also leave Kuzda time with her other job.

"It will allow me to continue consulting work and it gives me an opportunity to get more involved with the city," she said.

The Dublin Foundation has seen changes over the past few years with Dring brought on board as the first executive director and the website retooled.

Changes will continue, Kuzda said.

"I think a lot of the changes have been evolving and they started before I came on," she said.

"The Emerald Celebration will be moving locations. We have been offered the new (Midwestern Auto Group) location," Kuzda said.

"There will be changes, but they have been changes that have been evolving.

"I'll pick it up and run with it."