Seasons greetings from Grizzell Middle School came from the mind of one eighth-grade student.

Seasons greetings from Grizzell Middle School came from the mind of one eighth-grade student.

A card design and printed by eighth-grader Grayson Bigelow was sent out by the principal and assistant principal as Grizzell Middle School's holiday card.

"It started initially last year," Principal Dustin Miller said.

"We sent out Christmas cards to buildings and central office.

"In the past, we've done generic cards," Miller said.

"This year, we were having a conversation in the office about doing the card again. We have so many talented kids -- what if they came up with thoughts about what we could send out?"

Bigelow created a design of a bow and holly.

"This didn't allow for enough time for a competition, but Grayson had an idea within two hours," Miller said. "We said 'That's beautiful. Let's run with it.' "

So the eighth-grader produced about 40 cards for the school to send out; the process was inexpensive.

"It's a print method, the linoleum cut method," Grizzell art teacher Todd Arnold said.

"We can make one block and can print out millions of cards. It's an easy way for them to create good art."

The stamp used to print the cards is more like rubber than linoleum. Bigelow drew her design on the block and then cut it out using shaving tools.

"It's rubber. You put ink on top of it and then press it on a piece of paper," she said, while working on about 10 additional cards last week.

Arnold had Bigelow sign each card, although the student said she doesn't consider herself an artist.

"I like drawing things," she said. "I'd like to be (an artist)."

"She is (an artist)," Arnold said. "She won a contest for the Dublin Literacy Conference. She made a design for a bag. They did silk screen printing on them."

Bigelow didn't expect her design to be used on the school's Christmas cards, but was excited for the opportunity.

"I had an idea," she said. "I didn't want something traditional like snowmen or Santa."

"She signs and numbers each one," Arnold said. "Grayson will be famous some day, so you should frame it."

Although Bigelow doesn't consider herself an artist, her interests lie in the arts.

"I like drawing and reading," she said. "I'm in the drama club. We're doing School House Rock Jr. I'm into arts. I do play a few sports, but I like the arts."

Other students could follow in Bigelow's footsteps in the future. Because the cards were printed using a stamp, Miller said students could mass produce a few cards for the school next year.

"Any interested student can come up with a design and we can pick three or four different designs and have several options," he said.

"We're always trying to display student art. This turned into a cool idea we can do to showcase their work."