Maintenance has been a major focus for Dublin in previous years, but in 2014 new projects will reign.

Maintenance has been a major focus for Dublin in previous years, but in 2014 new projects will reign.

Dublin has been working on redevelopment plans for the Bridge Street District since 2009 and this year some of that work will come to fruition.

Funding for construction isn't scheduled until 2015, but plans and land acquisition for the realignment of Riverside Drive, a pedestrian bridge across the Scioto River, two riverside parks and a roundabout at the intersection of Riverside Drive and state Route 161 will be ongoing in 2014.

"One of the things we did in 2013 was preliminary engineering so we could better understand Riverside Drive," City Manager Marsha Grigsby said, adding that a detailed design of the road realignment will come next.

"The pedestrian bridge is the next step and park development," Grigsby said.

Dublin has already purchased some land for the project and is in talks with more land owners.

"Construction is programmed in 2015," Grigsby said.

"It doesn't mean it will happen then, but the money is scheduled."

Another major construction project that could start as soon as late 2014 is improvements to the Interstate 270/U.S. Route 33 interchange.

Construction moved up drastically when the project received $51 million from Gov. John Kasich's $3 billion transportation plan.

Preliminary planning and environmental work was done in 2013, Grigsby said.

In 2014 detailed design and land acquisition will be done with hopes to award a contract for construction by the end of the year.

"We will launch a massive campaign to let people know about lane closures," said Sandra Puskarcik, Dublin's director of community relations.

With construction going on in two parts of the city, Grigsby said Dublin will look closely at scheduling and maintaining traffic.

"Any time you do construction to make improve-ments you have headaches," she said.

"Some plans will include maintenance of traffic or other traffic connections. There are going to be impacts."

One route will open up in 2014.

The construction of the eighth and final phase of Emerald Parkway will start this year and is slated to be completed by November.

Once completed, the road will run from Tuttle Crossing Boulevard to Sawmill Road.

"Now it becomes more critical," Grigsby said.

"We'll have that roadway open. It will be available for (drivers)."

Grigsby is hoping work on the intersection at Glick and Dublin roads will continue in the New Year as well.

"We're working with Shawnee Hills on funding," she said, noting that if a grant is approved the construction contract could be awarded in 2014.

"We're working on (land) acquisitions for that project."

The project would add turn lanes to the intersection that is prone to backups at busy times.

Elsewhere in the city a project to bury all utility lines in the Metro Place area will be finished in 2014, Grigsby said.

"It improves the reliability of service and aesthetics," she said. "We need to make sure we have a good power source to our commercial areas."

The bike path on Brand Road will be finished in the spring, providing a multi-use path from Dublin Road to Muirfield.

Work will also continue on closing gaps in the Dublin Road South path although construction is dependent on how quickly land acquisition moves. When completed, the path will take people from Rings Road to Historic Dublin.

Bike lanes on Muirfield Drive are also slated for construction in 2014, Grigsby said.

At Coffman Park, work on phase one will be completed in the summer, in time to open up more space for the 2014 Dublin Irish Festival.

Work going on at the park includes utility line burial and bridges over Indian Run, Grigsby said.

Plans for the next phase that will include restrooms and a boulder area will also begin this year.

At a new park on the previous Holder-Wright property off Riverside Drive, renovations will be done to the former Holder-Wright home.

Designs for pedestrian trails, a shelter and outdoor classrooms are expected to be completed in 2014.

Artwork will be installed in Historic Dublin this spring, Grigsby said.

The town pump artwork that depicts a young girl and boy getting water from a pump will be placed near the Bridge Street and Dublin Road intersection, where a water pump once stood.

Dublin will work on taking over 911 dispatching services for Hilliard and Norwich Township in 2014 as well, with plans to expand the justice center for a larger communication center and more space in other areas.

Also slated for 2014 is the opening of the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.

The college plans to take 40 students in its first class and soon increase class size to 50.

"They just went before planning and zoning with a site plan for a 87,000-square-foot building," Grigsby said.

The Nestle expansion is also slated to open this year.

The company on Eiterman Road tests products distributed in the U.S.