Dublin Villager

Dublin Police warn nationwide IRS scam occurring locally


An IRS scam has caught at least four Dublin residents in its snare.

Dublin Police have received reports since Dec. 11, 2013, from four victims who got a call from a person claiming to be a federal officer.

In the calls the person posing as a federal agent — sometimes claiming to be an IRS agent — asked the victim to pay a fine, which would allow them to avoid being charged with a crime.

Victims have been asked for fines ranging from $1,500 to $6,000, said Jodi Andes, Dublin senior public information officer.

“Having four such reports like this, the Dublin Police Department believes there are other people out there they tried to scam as well,” Andes said. “We’d like to hear from them so police can get a good idea of who is doing this.”

Anyone who has received a similar call is asked to call Dublin Police at 614-889-1112.

The scam is occurring across the nation, Andes said. A news release from the IRS regarding the scam said the agency normally contacts people about outstanding tax bills through the mail.

“The IRS is a common way the scam is used,” Andes said. “It’s also perpetrated in other ways by people claiming to be federal agents other than the IRS.”

For more information on the scam from the IRS, visit irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/IRS-Warns-of-Phone-Scam.