Dublin Villager

City and school district monitoring salt supplies


Word of road salt shortages throughout the state isn't expected to have much of an impact on Dublin.

City Manager Marsha Grigsby last week told Dublin City Council members the city should have enough road salt to cover the next few winter weather events, but will soon need more.

"We think now we have a sufficient salt supply that will last us the next few events," Grigsby said.

"We'll continue to order salt and hopefully it will come in."

Bill Grubaugh, Dublin's interim director of streets and utilities last month told the Dublin Villager the city had used nearly all of its 6,000 tons of regular salt and 2,000 tons of chemically treated salt that was budgeted for this winter to keep Dublin roads safe and clear.

Some salt that was unused in previous years was also on hand.

The Dublin City Schools District purchases salt for parking lots and drives from Dublin, but in a memo to Dublin Board of Education members, District Director of Business Affairs Annette Morud said the city will not sell salt to the school district.

"For the second time this year, the city has notified us that they are unable to purchase salt and do not have a sufficient supply to sell to the district," the memo stated.

"We have also checked with the county, our back-up supplier, and they do not have salt to sell to us."

To deal with the shortage of salt, the district will salt sidewalks and entrances, but will not salt drives and parking lots, the memo said.