Several police officers took home honors from the recent Dublin Division of Police awards ceremony.

Several police officers took home honors from the recent Dublin Division of Police awards ceremony.

The annual awards ceremony held by the police department recognizes officers for following the core values of integrity, pride, respect and professionalism and displaying leadership.

The exceptional attendance award went to Sgt. Justin Paez, Cpl. Tom Gallagher and Officers Scott Brown, Justin Chappelear, Eric Cochrun, Lore Griffith, Jacob Stoll and Jacob Williams.

The Certificate of Merit was awarded to officers Todd Evans, Kevin Miller, Andrea Shull and Gwen Walsh, and communications technicians Beth Shannon, Jeremy Bantz and Lauren Yankanin.

The Certificate of Merit is given for outstanding diligence, perseverance, alertness or a highly credible accomplishment, a news release from the city said.

The Award of Achievement for exceptional service to the community was given to Sgt. Rodney Barnes, Sgt. Craig Hungler, Cpl. Tim Hosterman, Cpl. Kevin Keiffer, Cpl. Greg Lattanzi, Officer Jacob Stoll and Communications Technician Paul Richmond.

Lt. Steve Farmer won the Chief's Award of Excellence for going above and beyond the call of service, and showing excellence on the job, the release said.

Cpl. Kevin Keiffer was given the Division of Police Leadership Award.

Communications Technician Michael Pineault was recognized with the division's Police Civilian Employee of the Year award.

Officer Scott Brown was honored with the Police Officer of the Year award.

Other officers recognized with awards from outside organizations include Community Service Officer Abdul Sawah with the Volunteer of the Year Award and Officer Scott Brown with the MADD Award of Excellence.

A Certificate of Appreciation and Recognition from the Law Enforcement Foundation and DARE Ohio went to Officer Michael McCaskey for 22 years of dedication to the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program and Officer Bruce McKenna for 14 years of service to the DARE Program.