The Dublin City School District will double its bandwidth in the next year.

The Dublin City School District will double its bandwidth in the next year.

Dublin Board of Education members last week approved a three-year contract with MEC for one gigabit of bandwidth for the district.

"That doubles our capacity," said Michael Voss, district chief technology officer. "That's 10 times as much as we had for the 2011-2012 school year."

The bandwidth will keep electronic information moving in the district for $92,844 per year, although the district will receive a 40-percent discount and a subsidy, Voss said.

Along with increasing district bandwidth, Superintendent Todd Hoadley discussed the possibility of the school district linking with Dublin's DubLink fiber network in the future.

The school district and city have had conversations about connecting the district via DubLink in the past, said Annette Morud, district director of business affairs, but the cost was prohibitive.

"We're going to go down to Metro Center ... and we're going to have a conversation about how we might as a school and a city connect together," Hoadley said of new action on the DubLink front.

"It will allow us to have, I'm not going to say a bullet-proof network, but protect us and improve how the different buildings connect with central office today."

Connecting the district through DubLink might also allow Dublin Police to get live access into school buildings via video feed, Hoadley said.

Connecting to DubLink could also cut costs of internet and bandwidth in the future, Voss said.

Awards, recognition

Two teachers were honored for exceptional work with the Golden Shamrock Award at the Feb. 10 board of education meeting.

Coffman High School Art Teacher Amber Baumgartner was honored for her work with students and for helping an autistic Dublin middle school student with equine therapy.

"It's every day with kids," Coffman Principal Mike Ulring said.

"Whatever the concerns are, she's helping them not just as an art teacher, but a mentor ... .

"Anything they need, she's helping them with what they need beyond the classroom."

Scioto High School Math Teacher Teresa Henderly was also given a Golden Shamrock Award.

"I've been at Scioto for four years and I would say Mrs. Henderly has gone beyond the call of duty to help all students," Scioto Principal Donis Toller said.

"I couldn't ask for more (of a) team player and better teacher than Mrs. Henderly," Toler said.

"There is no other school I would rather teach in and no other career I would rather work in than teaching mathematics," Henderly told board members last week.

Retiring teachers Cheryl Briggs, Carol Ott and Lesley Ozier, of Davis Middle School, and Karen Sharon of Jerome High School were also recognized for their service to Dublin City Schools.