Fairy tales will come to life at Scioto High School this weekend.

Fairy tales will come to life at Scioto High School this weekend.

Shrek, the Musical will bring an ogre, donkey, princess, three bears, blind mice and other characters to the stage at Scioto High School, 4000 Hard Road, Feb. 21-23.

"There are a few changes," Director Patricia Santanello said of the differences between the DreamWorks movie and the upcoming show.

"It's taken more from the Broadway musical," Santanello said.

The annual children's show put on by the Dublin Scioto High School Theatre will tell the story of an ornery ogre who falls in love with a beautiful princess.

"There are some songs from the movie," Santanello said.

Humor also abounds in the musical.

"I love Lord Farquaad's scenes because he's got great lines," said junior Hannah Sobieski, who plays Princess Fiona.

Junior Chris White plays Lord Farquaad and senior Jared Bradley stars as Shrek.

Junior Elijah Johnson is Donkey and senior Jessica Cyrus plays Dragon.

Sobieski was hard pressed to name her favorite scene in the show.

"The whole show is so funny," she said.

"I guess it might be the first scene of act two when I sing Morning Person. I'm a dancer and I get to do some tap," Sobieski said.

With characters ranging from a dragon and ogre to a donkey and Pinocchio, costumes add to the entertainment of the show.

"Dragon is a huge puppet that flies around the stage," Sobieski said, adding that some costumes are more humanized.

"Everything is so elaborate. They really portray the characters well."

Also in the show are cast members:

Caleb Husted, Bailey Maholm, Liam O'Connor, Omar Alfaour, Walter Baker, Ella Pigg, Emily Suarez, Alexandria Rogers, Katie Adamsky, Logan Stump,

Madison Maholm, Anna Sylvester, Andrew Gutierrez, Steven Deliman, Brian Chiou, Jacob Miller, Jorge Hernandez, Stephani DuScheid, Daniel Kron, Danyaal Latif,

Hannah Storey, Selina Murray, Maria Moreno, Nicole McFadden, Emma Kinnison, Emma Justice, Cynthia Flores, Emma Easley, Amanda Brennan,

Morgan Willis, LeAnn Wright, Jillian Stevenson, Annabelle Smith, Gabriela Machado, Amber Kalix, Azizah Darwish, Jarred Corley, Elizabeth Burger, Lucia Bambach and Alexandria Joy.

Elementary and middle school cast members include:

Teddy Beck, Bailey Samms, Harker LeCroy, Hayden Maholm, Avery Samms, Vikram Srikonda, Kaylee Wenzel, Maya Gamez, Madison Owens, Khalia Simmons, Taylor Stone, Natalie Ryan, Jayden Davie, Abigail Harr, Erin Johnson, Julia Jacobs, Audrey Bannister, Karierah Humphrey, Arianna Krenciprock, Chandler Dishman, Caroline Kalix, Lydia Pigg, Morgan Kenner-Aspery, Magdalaine Yeboah, Madeline Liston, Abby Leonard, Hailee Harrington, Jenna LeRoy, Savannah Myers, Maxwell Gale and Ellie Martin.

Tech crew members are: Erin Peoples, Rachel Caserta, Yuuki DeMura, Anthony Willoughby, McKenzie Crist, Samantha Jakubow, Alex Adamsky, Felicia Wise, Livia Handel, Paul Sombric, Elise Maupin, Miles Baker, Cheyenne Hall, Abby Barmann, and Emma Hohman.

Shows are slated for 7:30 p.m. Feb. 21 and 22 and 2 p.m. Feb. 22 and 23.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students. Tickets can be purchased at the box office one hour before the show or online at ShowTix4U.com.