Two more roads were added to work planned in the Scioto River area of the Bridge Street District.

Two more roads were added to work planned in the Scioto River area of the Bridge Street District.

Dublin City Council last week gave the OK on getting final design plans for the realignment of Riverside Drive and for a roundabout at the intersection of Riverside Drive and state Route 161, with construction expected to begin next year.

Two other road projects were added to the list.

With council's OK, the city will also design and build a stub of John Shields Parkway from Riverside Drive heading east, as well as a connection for Tuller Ridge Drive and Dale Drive.

"It will allow for implementation of other projects as we move forward," said Terry Foegler, Dublin's director of strategic initiatives and special projects.

John Shields Parkway will eventually run east to west connecting to Tuller Ridge Drive, crossing the Scioto River and meeting Dublin Road, plans approved by council show.

The stub of John Shields Parkway, with design work and possible construction to begin this year, will also serve as a connection for a new 122,000-square-foot skilled nursing facility under construction at the southwest corner of the Tuller and Tuller Ridge Drive intersection.

The Tuller Ridge Drive and Dale Drive connector was also given the OK for design this year; construction could start in 2014 as well. The new road will extend from where Tuller Ridge Drive curves east and will meet Dale Drive.

According to the resolution approved by council last week, "the construction of a new north-south roadway connection from Tuller Ridge Drive to Dale Drive is necessary as a critical prerequisite to facilitate vehicular flow during the construction of the state Route 161/Riverside Drive roundabout."

The resolution allows staff to get final design for the roads, as well as the Riverside Drive realignment and Riverside Drive/state Route 161 roundabout, although council will need to approve contracts for construction of the roads, City Manager Marsha Grigsby said.

Funding for construction of the Riverside Drive realignment and new roundabout is scheduled in the capital improvement plan for 2015.

Information about the alignment of the planned pedestrian bridge that will cross the Scioto River north of state Route 161 will come to council within the next six weeks, Foegler said.

"There may be slight modifications on the west landing" of the pedestrian bridge, from what was originally proposed, Foegler said.

Moving the bridge landing 50 feet to the north on the west side of the river may help with pedestrian circulation and put it in the best place, Foegler said.

Once designs are completed, council will get a look at the different alternatives, Foegler said, which should be in six weeks.

Funding for construction of the pedestrian bridge is also scheduled for 2015.