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Volunteerism earns two awards for Shin

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Jerome High School senior Julia Shin was named a distinguished finalist for the 2014 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards for the state and earned a President's Volunteer Service Award for her community service.

Julia Shin has been volunteering since age 14 and four years of service has earned her two recognitions for her work.

The Dublin Jerome High School senior was named a distinguished finalist for the 2014 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards for Ohio and qualified for a President's Volunteer Service Award.

The Prudential Spirit of Community Award is one of the largest recognition programs for volunteering in the country and recognizes students on a local, state and national level, information from the group's website said.

Shin applied for the award while searching for scholarships.

The senior has worked hard to weave volunteering into a busy academic schedule.

"I've volunteered, to list a few, at COSI as a floor faculty member, (with) the Karrer Middle School's MathCounts team as a mentor and (as) an online math tutor at NSTEP," she said.

Despite a demanding schedule at school, it's important to Shin to carve out time for volunteering and helping others.

"I've always been frustrated with situations in which I had to give up without even trying," Shin said.

"If not given the opportunity, then I would go out of my way to create my own opportunities.

"However, as I grew up, I learned that not everyone was in the situation to fight for his or her own equal rights or had ways to do so.

"And volunteering has helped me advocate for equal opportunity one way or another."

For her senior year, Shin is attending school at Ohio State University, taking classes including Honors Microeconomics, Art History, Honors Macroeconomics, Creative Nonfiction and Contemporary Art.

She also manages to fit some other interests into her schedule.

"I like to play tennis and run, do art and photography, watch movies, and do reviews on pens," she said.

"I am currently involved in Multicultural Club, Dublin Jerome's Literary Magazine ANAM and Math Team."

Shin has yet to decide on a college to attend, but her major is locked in -- economics, with a minor in art history.