Dublin Villager

Cost of treating roads for snow, ice tops $1.7 million


Spring has sprung and Dublin is hoping that means a wrap for one of the most-expensive winters in several years.

The winter's frigid temperatures and snow fall didn't set records in central Ohio, but did fall in the top 10, according to the National Weather Service.

The cost to clean up the winter's snow and ice in Dublin was high.

"The total cost for the snow and ice program for the 2013-14 season to date is $1,703,315," said Bill Grubaugh, interim streets and utilities director for Dublin. "The cost of labor was $449,539."

The cost to clean up snow and ice for the 2012-13 winter was about $500,000 less, totaling about $1.16 million.

Labor costs nearly doubled between this year and last.

"The labor costs for last year were $265,728," Grubaugh said.

Salt use also increased from last winter, which used 7,546 tons to keep roads safe.

"We used just over 10,500 tons of salt (this winter)," Grubaugh said.

"Obviously this was a more challenging winter," he said. "These costs are higher than any of the last several years. This is one of the most expensive winter seasons of the last several years," Grubaugh said.

Dublin used about 200 more gallons of brine to get salt working on roads this year, but the use of calcium chloride was much higher than in previous years.

"It gives salt the ability to melt at lower temperatures," Grubaugh said. "We used more of it than in previous years."

While some municipalities struggled to keep salt barns full during the demanding months of January and February, Dublin maintained its supply and currently has about 3,000 tons available.

"If we were to receive any other snow this year we are ready," Grubaugh said.

"I hope we have received the last amount of snow for this year," Grubaugh said.