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Crowded schools

Middle, high school fix simpler than lower grades


With three options to mull over to solve crowding at elementary schools, solutions for the problem at Dublin middle and high schools might be simpler.

Dublin City School District Board of Education members last month heard different solutions for crowding that ranged from redistricting to adding on to current facilities.

Eight of Dublin's 12 elementary schools are currently crowded and three options given to board of education members last month included shifting students around to different schools, adding on to a few elementary schools and building a 13th elementary.

Solutions at the middle school level are much simpler, though.

Right now Davis Middle School is over capacity by six students, although by 2016 that number is expected to increase to nearly 100 students.

The other middle schools will stay under capacity, even according to 2016 projections.

"Karrer Middle School is in a grey area," said Ralph Feasel, who handles enrollment and growth planning for the district.

While the middle of the district is not producing more students, the northwest and southeast portions are.

"We can redistrict and solve some problems (at the middle school level)," Feasel told board members.

"We can shift students to Karrer Middle School and Sells Middle School."

While growth is expected in the northwest, Feasel said Grizzell might need to be added onto eventually, but capacity is projected to be at 750 by 2016 in the building that has a capacity of 800.

At the high school level, Jerome is the only school over its 1,300 capacity at 1,409 as of January.

By 2016, enrollment at Jerome is expected to increase to 1,536.

"At the high school there is no changing around," Feasel said. "We just need to add onto Jerome High School."

The school stands at more than 100 students over capacity, Superintendent Todd Hoadley said.

"They're really feeling the pinch," he said. "Jerome High School was built with the intention to build on."

Dublin's other high schools are expected to stay under capacity through 2016.

Although the solutions for middle and high school overcrowding do not involve any new buildings, the options will cost money for both facilities and new staff for additional students.

District officials plan to talk to residents about different options to address crowding this spring and have a plan in place to deal with the problems before the school year ends.