Dublin Villager

Dublin police warn residents about tax scam

Dublin police issued a warning after three Dublin residents were defrauded by people claiming to be Internal Revenue Service agents.

Scam artists claiming to be from the IRS have defrauded nine Dublin residents over the past months and three in the last week of March, a news release from the city said.

The scammers call residents and tell them they owe the government money. The scammers say if the victims do not pay right away, they will be arrested. They also ask to be paid by “Green Dot” money cards.

According to the release from Dublin, the scam artists have been targeting residents with foreign-sounding last names.

Anyone who is contacted by someone claiming to be an IRS agent or notices other suspicious behavior can call Dublin police at 614-889-1112.

The IRS website says the agency never calls taxpayers about delinquent taxes. Instead it notifies people by mail instead.

For more information from the IRS about potential scams, look online at irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/IRS-Warns-of-Phone-Scam.