Jerome High School hasn't been around long, but students are planning for a storied future.

Jerome High School hasn't been around long, but students are planning for a storied future.

The last high school built by Dublin City Schools will celebrate its 10th anniversary April 10 with a community celebration set from 6 to 8 p.m. and some treats planned for students during the day.

"We're just so looking forward to the anniversary celebration," Principal Cathy Sankey said. "We've had a wonderful committee of staff, students and parents who have all been focused on April 10. The kids came up with the idea of celebrating 10 on 10."

The community celebration has a long guest list and is also free and open to the public.

Students contacted Dublin Board of Education members, City Council members, previous staff members and students as well as future students.

"The school is not that old," said senior Dalton Miller. "We'll have a brief look into the past.

"We'd like the community to be here, especially the young Celtics to look into the future."

"Everything is being done to enable a good future for the little Celtics," sophomore Caroline Schwarz added.

A new patio in front of the school with inscribed bricks will be opened April 10 as well as a new school flag, designed by a Jerome High School student.

"We vote (for student government) in homeroom on the anniversary," Miller said. "After school we'll be counting ballots. Our hope is that the newly elected student president will get to raise the new Jerome flag."

The evening will also focus on giving.

"We'll have a basket raffle to support the Wounded Warrior Project," said sophomore Brady Ellis.

"In the city we're known as the gifted and blessed school. There's been a real focus on giving back to the community."

"We're so proud of our student body for recognizing and looking for opportunities to help," Sankey said.

"Although the anniversary is a celebration of Jerome, they know we need to seek ways to help others."

Artwork from elementary and middle school students that will eventually attend Jerome High School will be on display at the event. Refreshments and a few activities for children will also be offered.

"We want to showcase Jerome," Schwarz said.

The evening celebration, however, will offer an ending to a festive day at the school. A committee of students, staff and parents has been planning since before the New Year.

"Our school does a very good job of presenting problems to students," Ellis said. "They asked us what we wanted to do and it spiraled into a bunch of ideas."

White table cloths and centerpieces will be on tables at lunch and classical music will be played when students change classes.

"Every student will get a piece of cake at lunch," Ellis said.

"The jazz band will play at lunch," Schwarz said.

The committee is also working to get others to dress fancy for the day, with the aim of making it special.

"With everything in the news about Riviera (Golf Club) and the expansion of Jerome, our school is going to change," Miller said.

"We need to celebrate it."