Jan. 27 and March 20, members of the district's planning department presented information to the Dublin City School District Board of Education about the enrollment challenges we currently face.

Jan. 27 and March 20, members of the district's planning department presented information to the Dublin City School District Board of Education about the enrollment challenges we currently face.

These enrollment challenges are currently present at the elementary, middle school and high school levels.

It was the purpose of these two presentations to initiate a districtwide conversation about possible solutions to this challenging enrollment issue.

Since these presentations, additional discussions have occurred with other stakeholder groups, such as our Business Advisory Council and PTO Presidents.

As a district, we are committed to collaboration as a means to solving this enrollment challenge.

As such, we are asking for your feedback on the plans listed below.

Please send us email at info@dublinschools.net with your opinions.

The Jerome Village housing development, in the northwestern portion of our district, has not progressed as quickly as anticipated.

We have been told the developer expects to build approximately 120 new homes annually for the next 10 years.

The northwest portion of our District is not the fastest growing area in terms of student population.

For the past few years, the southern and eastern portions of the district have grown at a more rapid rate.

Fortunately, our planning department, consisting of Joe Riedel and Ralph Feasel, has done an outstanding job monitoring this situation and several steps have already been taken to address the student enrollment challenges in this portion of our school district.

The geographical center of the district has remained relatively stable and some neighborhoods have begun to produce fewer students than they once did.

We are projecting Bailey Elementary and Deer Run elementary schools to decrease in student enrollment over the next three school years.

The planning department has developed multiple options for addressing the overcrowding situation that currently exists at several of the district's elementary schools.

The most pressing solution needed is for those elementary schools located in the southern and eastern portion of our District.

All of the multiple options involve redrawing attendance boundaries.

From past history, we know redistricting can be emotional for some families and as such, it is important to understand that none of these proposals would be implemented for next school year.

The solutions we are discussing would go into effect at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year.

Plan 1

A portion of the Riverside attendance area would transfer to Indian Run and a portion of the Indian Run attendance area would transfer to Bailey.

This would help alleviate overcrowding at Riverside Elementary, which is currently the District's most pressing enrollment challenge.

This plan maintains the district's long held neighborhood concept and would only be considered a temporary fix as it would only address the overcrowding issue at Riverside.

Plan 2

Elementary School 13 would be constructed on property the Board of Education currently owns on Bright Road.

Elementary 13 was originally planned to be built in Jerome Village.

As previously stated, Jerome Village has not grown at its anticipated rate.

Constructing the building on Bright Road could address overcrowding issues at Chapman, Indian Run, Wright, Riverside, and Thomas.

Plan 3

This plan includes the boundary changes laid out in plan one, with building additions being constructed at Chapman, Riverside, Scottish Corners and Wright.

This plan would require a bond issue to add classroom additions at these schools.

The enrollment challenges at the middle and high school levels are less complex.

Davis Middle School enrollment is projected to exceed capacity by 2016.

Shifting some Davis students to Sells and some Sells students to Karrer, will solve this issue without adding any additional space.

Likely, within five to seven years, an addition to Grizzell Middle School will be necessary.

At the high school level, Dublin Jerome is already over capacity and enrollments are expected to grow on an annual basis for the foreseeable future.

Dublin Jerome was designed for future expansion and a bond issue and public approval would need to be obtained in order for this facility expansion to occur.

In order to successfully address these challenges, a collaborative model will be utilized.

We will continue our public dialogue over the coming weeks and months.

Our goal is to seek a solution with as much feedback as possible from our families, while at the same time, providing the best learning environments for our students. Please take a moment to share your opinions by sending us an email at info@dublinschools. net.

Dublin City School District Superintendent Todd Hoadley, Ph.D., submitted the From the Superintendent's Desk column.