The work of Dublin City School District students has hit the big screen.

The work of Dublin City School District students has hit the big screen.

The Dublin A.C.T. Coalition has funded the showing of an underage drinking public service announcement before shows at the Dublin AMC Theater through May 22.

The PSA comes from a group of 30 made by students in the broadcast classes at Coffman, Jerome and Scioto high schools in spring 2012.

"We're fortunate that Dublin City Schools and the broadcast teachers opened their arms and worked it into the curriculum," said Jaime Burke, Dublin A.C.T. Coalition coordinator.

The group that works within the community to stop underage drinking and drug abuse got 30 videos from high school students throughout Dublin in one of three subjects: Dublin's social host law, the consequences of underage drinking on adolescent brain development and the impact of underage drinking on athletes and athletic training.

"The expertise blew everyone away," Burke said of the videos students submitted.

"We were so surprised by their thoughtfulness and what they were able to create."

A group of people from the community was polled to watch the 30 videos and pick one winner from each high school.

Christy Kuret, chairwoman of Dublin A.C.T.'s underage drinking subgroup, said it was not an easy task.

"It was very difficult," Kuret said.

"The videos were very clever. We were so excited because this was a very important way to get youth involved."

Three winners were chosen in 2012 and used by Dublin A.C.T. to try to stop underage drinking.

But the group wanted to get the PSAs more visibility.

"(The idea) came from the youth council," Burke said of showing PSAs at the Dublin AMC Theater.

"We were doing some brain storming and trying to figure out ways to share and showcase the videos."

Showing a PSA before movies at the Dublin AMC Theater isn't cheap, so Dublin A.C.T. members voted on one.

The video from Scioto High School called "Think Before You Drink" that talks about how alcohol impacts the brain was chosen.

The PSA will be shown before PG13- and R-rated movies start at Dublin AMC Theater for about a month.

The group is hoping to secure more funding to show the other two PSAs at Dublin AMC.

"We plan to figure out strategically how to find funds," Burke said.

"We're looking at sustainability and funding to have each of the other winners to be highlighted in that way."

In fact, Dublin A.C.T. would like to hold another PSA contest at the schools. The winning groups were awarded $500 each.

"We're on the lookout for financial support to sustain this PSA project," Kuret said.

For more information about Dublin A.C.T. or to view the three winning PSAs from each high school, look online at