Students at Davis Middle School raised more than $5,700 last week to combat bullying.

Students at Davis Middle School raised more than $5,700 last week to combat bullying.

The school May 1 held its second annual Walk Against Bullying, a PTO effort to provide funding for anti-bullying programs.

"Davis is a very diverse school," said Sue Hutras, PTO president.

"There are a lot of nationalities and we want to be sure kids aren't pre-judging and there isn't bullying.

"We want them to look for the good in people and start a chain reaction of kindness," Hutras said.

"We wanted kids to not think about prejudice and give everyone a fair shake."

Last year funding was raised at the walk to help fund Rachel's Challenge, an anti-bullying program based on the life of Rachel Scott who was the first victim in the 1999 Columbine shooting.

The school has welcomed Rachel's Challenge speakers for the past three years and might focus on a different lesson with the money raised last week.

"This year we tried to make (fundraising) more general in case we wanted to do something different," Hutras said. "We're evaluating the best way to move forward."

But the lessons of Rachel's Challenge remain at the school.

"We do have a Friends of Rachel Club to keep the message alive so we don't lose it," Hutras said. "We have a club that keeps the message in front of the kids and does different projects."

Along with getting a message on anti-bullying last week, students also got a visit from Columbus Crew players at the walk.

"It was a huge addition to have the Crew players," Hutras said.

"Anti-bullying is a huge message of the Crew and the kids were thrilled to have those guys there. They were giving autographs and taking pictures with the kids."

While last week's walk involved Davis' 900 students, Hutras said they also tried to get parents involved to spread the message.

"We want to be sure parents get the message too because that's where it starts," she said.

"We want parents involved so they can support it at home.

"I'd like to see more of the parents have knowledge of what we're doing."