Personal training has been a longtime dream for 2004 Coffman High School graduate Lindy Slinger.

Personal training has been a longtime dream for 2004 Coffman High School graduate Lindy Slinger.

After starting a personal training business with a friend upon graduating from Miami University, Slinger's latest business venture is Perfect Fit Gym at 3868 Hard Road in Dublin's Kroger Plaza.

"There was a girl from Hilliard I played club soccer with at Miami," Slinger said.

"We always talked about opening our own gym. I didn't think it would happen right after college, but it worked out."

Slinger's partner left the personal training business for nursing, allowing her to open Perfect Fit Gym in January.

The new Kroger Plaza business has a few cardio machines, weights, medicine balls, boxing bags and equipment for different exercises, which is what Slinger bases her business on.

"There are different exercises for different body types," she said.

"People don't know how to train for their bodies."

Workouts at Slinger's gym are mostly 30-minute one-on-one sessions that switch routines often.

"I have a personalized approach," she said. "I'm all about assessing goals and helping them find their body size."

As a former Coffman soccer player who won two state championships, fitness has long been important to Slinger.

Being in Dublin was also important.

"I love Dublin," she said. "I grew up here. I train tons of my friends' moms.

"I tell my friends 'I'm better friends with your mom.' I can't imagine doing this anywhere else."

Dublin high school athletes and brides-to-be are also a big part of Slinger's customer base.

"I like to bring in tons of different training techniques for each person," she said.

Fitness isn't the only focus of Perfect Fit Gym.

Slinger's customers keep track of what they eat with a smart phone application and wellness nights at the gym focus on nutrition.

"I bring in speakers," she said.

With a focus on many different exercises and training styles, Slinger is hoping to expand her personalized approach to fitness, first by hiring a few more staff members and eventually with other locations.

"I want to hire more people and grow," she said.

"I want to open more gyms eventually. That's my plan."

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