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Eagle Scout project

With rank achieved Renard ready for more adventures

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Brett Renard installed a stone walkway and landscaping around the north-side exit of St. Brigid of Kildare Catholic Church for his Eagle Scout project.

With his Eagle Scout project out of the way, Brett Renard is looking forward to four stress-free years of scouting.

The eighth-grader at Karrer Middle School wrapped up his Eagle Scout project at St. Brigid of Kildare Catholic Church this month.

"I just wanted to get it out of the way before high school," the 14-year-old said. "Now I just get to have fun."

In his fourth year of scouting, Renard has had fun, especially when it comes to outdoor adventures.

"I enjoy all the outings: kayaking, white-water rafting, biking at Kelley's Island (and) backpacking," he said.

Renard's High Adventure experience is slated for next summer with a trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

Getting his Eagle Scout project done already necessitated some hustle, but Renard got it done after starting planning last summer.

"I started thinking about it in the summer and asked the priest what they needed," he said.

Renard attends St. Brigid of Kildare Church and got the idea for his project when he saw people leaving after mass.

Lots of people utilized a door near the north side of the church to leave and avoid traffic, but it didn't have a sidewalk.

"The exits get crowded after mass," Renard said. "People use that exit to make a quick exit, but in the winter it becomes inaccessible."

For his project, Renard installed a stone walkway and lots of landscaping around the north-side exit.

"In December I had it all planned and on May 2 construction started," he said. "It was finished May 11."

Renard helped design the new sidewalk and landscaping, but had to hire a construction company to install the path.

"One of the major challenges was contacting the companies to get the work done, but once that happened the project went really fast," he said.

Once the stones for the sidewalk were installed, Renard recruited 15 to 20 scouts to fill in cracks with sand and tamp it down. They also installed landscaping and lots of mulch.

"I had to get money donated for the sidewalk and purchased the materials," he said. "The mulch was all donated. It was about $100."

With his Eagle Scout project out of the way, Renard will have four more years of scouting ahead of him before aging out and time to enjoy his other interests, instead of pulling together an Eagle Scout project.

"I'm a golfer and I play the violin," he said, adding social studies is one of his favorite subjects at school. "I like learning about history."