Dublin Villager

Road construction will keep crews busy this summer


Work on the final phase of Emerald Parkway will continue during the summer construction season along with a few other projects throughout Dublin.

Spring showers have delayed the eighth and final $8-million phase of Emerald Parkway that will connect the road between Riverside Drive and Hard Road, but the completion date remains Nov. 20.

"The blasting is over," City Engineer Paul Hammersmith said of bedrock blasting for the new road.

"They finished up in mid-April and now the contractors are removing rock and hauling it off the site," Hammersmith said.

"There's utility installation and sanitary sewer installation going on," he said.

"They've got the bridge in place over Billingsley Creek so things are moving along."

Rain has delayed work, but Hammersmith expects things to get back on schedule.

"It's about a week off schedule, but they may catch up," he said.

"We've got a great contractor on it."

Utility relocation and moving of a gas line will be done this summer in the Hard and Sawmill roads area as a project with Dublin and Columbus approaches.

Columbus plans to widen Hard Road and Dublin will make intersection improvements at Hard and Sawmill roads, although not this summer.

Property acquisition for the project and utility work will be done this summer, Hammersmith said, but there will be other work done in the area as the Ohio Department of Transportation adds another northbound lane to Sawmill Road off Interstate 270.

Work to add turn lanes at the Glick and Dublin road intersection is expected to start later this summer.

"We continue to work with Shawnee Hills and Delaware County on the Glick and Dublin road intersection," Hammersmith said, adding that the project will soon go out for bidding.

"We plan to be in front of council on July 1 for the acceptance of the bid."

If everything goes according to plan, construction will start in August and be completed by November.

"It's a four-month construction project," Hammersmith said. "We're working on land acquisition right now."

Work on a new road network in the river corridor section of the Bridge Street District will also start this summer.

"We do have a one-block section of John Shield Parkway to construct this year and a segment of the Dale Drive-Tuller Ridge Drive connector," Hammersmith said.

The new roads will be constructed between Riverside Drive and the Dublin Village Center, south of Tuller Drive.

"It will set the stage for the relocation of Riverside Drive and the roundabout (at Riverside Drive and state Route 161)," Hammersmith said.

Plans for the Riverside Drive realignment and the roundabout are still in the works, with construction expected next summer.