Contracts with Dublin City School District employee unions were approved this week.

Contracts with Dublin City School District employee unions were approved this week.

Three-year contracts between the school district and the Dublin Educators' Association and Dublin Support Association got the OK from board members June 9.

The new contracts run from Aug. 1, 2014, to July 31, 2017, for the DEA and July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2017, for the DSA.

Both contracts include 2-percent salary increases for the employees each year of the contract.

"It's a real win-win for students, faculty and staff and the community," Superintendent Todd Hoadley said of the contracts.

"Hats off to the DSA and our team on working together," said Stephen Osborne, district treasurer.

The DEA represents more than 1,000 teachers, nurses, guidance counselors and speech therapists. The DSA represents custodians, maintenance and grounds staff.

Negotiations between the district and employee associations began in February and wrapped up last month.

"In both contracts, the district received insurance concessions, which will save money over the life of the agreement," Osborne said.

"These insurance concessions include the repurposing of the Health Savings Account annual payment from the district, an incentive to exclude spouses from the insurance plan and the addition of co-insurance to the medical plan."

According to Osborne, the co-insurance option and incentives to have spouses use insurance offered elsewhere will save the district a lot of money.

An insurance cap agreed to by the DEA will also help save district funds.

"The DEA now has an insurance cap," Osborne said, adding if insurance increases by more than 11 percent annually the DEA will pay more or the district can look into other insurance offerings.

DEA President Kevin Griffin said employees were pleased with the deal.

"We think it's fair," he said. "Recent changes in state law caused us to have a lot more dialogue.

"There were more discussions taking place, but the process was very positive," Griffin said.

"We made some changes in language regarding the calendar and gave up significant changes to insurance. Discussions on evaluations were another big thing."

Altogether, the district considers the negotiations successful.

"I'd like to thank the leadership of both our employee associations for the dedication and cooperation in reaching this agreement," Hoadley said.

"In Dublin, it is clear that administration works in partnership with teachers and support staff for the betterment of children and these new employee contracts clearly show this to be the case."