Teams will come from Indiana, West Virginia and throughout Ohio to test their robot skills.

Teams will come from Indiana, West Virginia and throughout Ohio to test their robot skills.

The CORI Robotics Invitational will bring 32 teams, including Dublin's own FIRST Robotics team Bad Robots, to Coffman High School June 21.

Bad Robots, consisting of students from Dublin's three high schools, has already competed in the state contest in Dayton and FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, but the CORI Invitational gives them another chance to use the robot they worked hard on.

"We really try to create an off-season event for robotics teams that allows them to engage new students that will be coming onto the team to get more experience with the robot," said Kathy Gerber, an event organizer.

"These teams spend a lot of time and money to put the robots together and we wanted to provide a low-cost way they can have a competition and expand their skills with robotics."

Teams put the robots together in January and have a fairly short season of one to three competitions.

"They build the robots in six weeks and some of the teams are there six or seven days a week working on the robots multiple hours," Gerber said.

"After doing that they go to one competition or maybe two. We want to extend that season and experience for those students."

CORI, the Central Ohio Robotics Initiative, also uses the invitational for recruiting.

"The key thing is this is open to the public and they can watch the competition and go into the pit area to see the kids working on robots and ask students questions," Gerber said.

"If people are interested in being on a team or creating a team, we want to talk to them. One of the key things CORI is all about is providing support tools for teams to get started and to get students excited about robotics."

The June 21 contest will also show off other FIRST robotics opportunities.

"We're also having exhibits for the FIRST Lego League (for middle and elementary students) as well as the FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics (for young high school students)," Gerber said.

"Someone coming can see big 120-pound robots and also the FIRST Lego League robots and mid-size robots from the FIRST Tech Challenge program."

The robots people can see in action on June 21 at Coffman High School are the 120-pound robots.

This year's challenge has each robot working with two other teams to score points with upper and lower goals using a two-foot exercise ball.

Teams can also earn points by assisting alliance robots on the field, throwing a ball and passing between robots. Robots can also block shots from opposing teams on the field.

"The game is really focused on cooperating," Gerber said.

The opening ceremony for the CORI Invitational is slated for 10 a.m. with awards set at 5 p.m. at Coffman High School, 6780 Coffman Road. Robotics team pits open at 8 a.m. with practice sessions starting at 9 a.m.

The event is free and open to the public.