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Dublin: Thieves cut locks and steal tools, copper pipes, fittings

Hundreds of dollars of hand tools were stolen from a building off Tuller Road between 2:30 p.m. May 30 and 6:30 a.m. June 2.

A man said he'd left his box full of tools in a main electrical room. The box was padlocked, but the lock was cut off and several tools were stolen.

A trailer parked at the same building was also broken into between 3 p.m. May 30 and 10 a.m. June 2.

A lock was cut from the trailer to get in and $3,870 in copper pipes and $1,500 in copper fittings were stolen.

In other recent Dublin Police reports:

• Eight Dublin 18-year-olds were given summonses to appear in court after an underage party at a residence in the 7200 block of Hopewell Street was broken up by Dublin police at 11:20 p.m. May 30.

All of the teens were charged with consuming or possessing alcohol as minors.

One girl was charged with marijuana possession and a boy who lived at the residence was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor under the city's social host law.

• A building in the 6300 block of Frantz Road was broken into between 6 p.m. June 3 and 6:50 a.m. June 4.

Tools were taken from two lock boxes after the tops were pried off.

• Four tires and rims were stolen from a vehicle parked at a residence in the 6000 block of Craughwell Lane between 8:30 and 11:59 p.m. June 1.

The car was placed on jacks to remove to the tires, reports said.

• A trimmer, chainsaw and other items were stolen from a vehicle parked in the 500 block of Metro Place North between 3:30 p.m. June 2 and 7 a.m. June 3. A door was pried open to get in.

• Gas, valued at $91, and welding cable, valued at $1,000, were stolen from a trailer parked at a business in the 5200 block of Blazer Memorial Parkway between 6 p.m. June 3 and 7:30 a.m. June 4.

A security camera caught a white vehicle entering the parking lot between 1:59 and 2:02 a.m. but a vehicle tag was not visble.

• A man reported about $2,000 worth of damage to his vehicle while parked in a lot off Crossgate Court for the Memorial Tournament between 1:30 and 7:45 p.m. June 1.

The windshield of the vehicle was shattered and there were several dents on the car. Police reports said it appeared someone had taken a running jump onto the car and run over the top of the vehicle.

• A woman reported to Dublin Police that while she was at a party at a residence in the 5900 block of Whittingham Drive between 5 and 5:30 p.m. May 30, her iPhone and a pouch containing credit cards were stolen from her purse.

The woman said she set her purse down and after she left she realized the items were gone from her purse.