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Dublin Leadership Academy

Program educates and energizes teachers


Dublin Leadership Academy organizers Laurie Coon and Marla Morris are hoping they can help teachers start the school year Aug. 20 refreshed and re-energized.

The Dublin City School District Leadership Academy will offer two days of professional development at Jerome High School Aug. 5 and 6 to more than 450 teachers.

"What's great about the academy is it's great professional development for teachers and they can collaborate with their team for the upcoming school year," said Coon, a guidance counselor at Glacier Ridge Elementary School.

This is the first year Coon and Morris, a world language teacher at Jerome High School, are leading the academy.

They do have the help of a committee of teachers that represent each school in the district.

"This is the type of staff leadership that sets Dublin City Schools apart," Superintendent Todd Hoadley said in a release from the district.

"An enormous amount of work and planning goes into the event and staff comes together to discuss and present best practices in order to continue getting better at the craft of teaching."

National speaker Michele Borba is set to speak with parents at Coffman High School Aug. 4 about raising resilient children, but she'll also be at the academy.

"She's our keynote speaker and will talk about what educators can do to make a difference and the five keys to unlock your potential," Coon said.

Borba will also lead a session on combining character education into the common core curriculum.

With the exception of Borba and a New Albany teacher, all presenters are Dublin City School staff.

Session subjects range from communication and technology in the classroom to literacy at an elementary level and literacy in the science and math classrooms in high school.

Teachers can even take a session on the neuroscience of music and helping students with anxiety.

"Teaching is an art and we are passionate about that," Morris said. "This reflects that."

"We want the best for our students," Coon said.

With about 475 teachers expected, the academy has this year been added to new teacher orientation.

"They can meet people and get a feel for what Dublin City Schools is all about before they go to their building," Morris said.

The academy also aims to help teachers who have been in the district a while.

"We hope they'll be energized for a new year, have new ideas to integrate into their practice and they will have set a foundation for good collaboration for the year," Morris said.

With the academy themed "Reflect, refresh and recharge: Knowledge to unlock our potential," Coon and Morris are hoping to get teachers excited for a new school year.

"It's a good turn out and it's a great testament to our staff," Coon said.