Dublin Villager

City enhances online zoning information


With big developments proposed in Dublin such as Bridge Park East and housing at the Riviera Golf Club, the city is trying to make zoning information easier to find.

A new page on Dublin's website offers zoning applications that are under construction or pending before various city boards and commissions.

City Planner Claudia Husak said Dublin had this type of information available online already, but now it's easier to access and developments are shown on a map.

"We just tried to make it more user-friendly and more easy to update," she said. "It was available before, but it was more hidden."

The online map has color-coded dots for zoning applications that are approved, completed, disapproved, in review, under construction and withdrawn before Dublin's Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Architectural Review Board, Administrative Review Team and city council.

For example, Bridge Park East -- part of the Bridge Street District development -- is listed as "in review" by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The proposal for six blocks of mixed-used development on 27.3 acres was submitted July 9. The page also provides links to case information and photos.

The new web tool is expected to help keep the public in the know about development throughout the city.

"To some extent, we've been seeing a lot of people using the website so we do get comments through the comment feature on the web," Husak said. "We have a couple more high-profile cases we are processing where there is more community interest."

The city does field calls from residents about proposed projects and buildings under construction, Husak said.

"We definitely do, but not just from residents, also the media and in a couple of cases with us opening Emerald Parkway people have called with interest in development," she said.

Now, city staffers can direct people to case information online instead of emailing it.

"I think for us right now, we're in the mode of how can we make it better and get the most up-to-date (information)," Husak said.

"We're going through and doing something we're calling archiving and drawing a line of how current we can be."

Developments up to a year old are on the zoning applications map, although large developments that take longer than a year also will be kept on the map. Older applications will be archived.

New applications are put online as soon as possible, Husak said.

"At this point, we're going with everything we receive as an application," she said. "There are no judgment calls on what will be on the website."

The new feature can also help the public stay up to date on the proposed rezoning and 244-home subdivision for 168 acres that currently hold the Riviera Golf Club.

"We modeled (the web page) after the construction update page, which people have been using," Husak said. "Engineering has it on their site and they seem to have some success with it."

To access the new zoning application web page, visit dublinohiousa.gov/planning/pending-zoning-applications/.