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Avondale Woods

City planners approve preliminary proposal


Avondale Woods cleared an early hurdle in the zoning process last week.

The rezoning with preliminary development plan and preliminary plat for a 360 single- and multiple-family unit development planned for 120 acres on the west side of Avery Road and south of Rings Road received approval from the Dublin Planning and Zoning Commission last week.

The development includes 37 acres of park space and a mixture of single-family homes and multi-family housing to the west and north of the National Church Residences development on Avery Road.

According to the plan overview, the development will "provide a single, unified neighborhood connected by consistent architectural themes, walkable streets, bike paths and an open space network.

"The site is planned to provide a mix of housing types arranged in varying densities and lot sizes throughout the site."

The center of the development has a network of 78 single-family homes with up to 180 attached residential units planned for the west and north of National Church Residences and as many as 102 multi-family units in the northern area of the development.

Avondale Woods first went before the Planning and Zoning Commission in 2010 and work has been going on since.

Before passing the preliminary development plan and plat approval, commission members worked out a few concerns over fences, buffering, phasing and entry features. Many details will be addressed in the final development plan.

Dublin City Councilwoman Amy Salay, who sits on the commission, also raised questions about who will pay for the maintenance of park land, fences and other features in the new development.

"I've had a couple of neighborhoods approach me" about maintenance costs, she said. If a few homes must main- tain park land and other features, it gets expensive, Salay said.

The rezoning with preliminary development plan and preliminary plat for Avondale Woods will next go before Dublin City Council members for approval.

Other matters

In other zoning news, an 18,000-square-foot office building on Wall Street was approved for spa and salon use.

The Spa at River Ridge currently sits on Riverside Drive, north of Dale Drive and must relocate due to plans for Riverside Drive.

The city's plan to realign Riverside Drive for a riverside park and pedestrian bridge will take the land the spa currently occupies.

The new site at 5555 Wall Street is currently zoned for office use, but planning and zoning commission members last week approved the new use for the spa and the expansion of the parking lot.